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Bosch Engine Management System

Bosch Engine Management System

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Better Engine Management System for Better Vehicles

With the economic ups and downs, the auto industry is on a roller coaster ride. The growth of several segments of automobiles has been severely impacted by this. However, the SUV segment has consistently done better than the other vehicle segments. In 2018, Premium range SUV segment in India was a fast-growing segment.

Bosch Engine Management System

Bosch is a pioneer in providing Diesel Engine Management System (EMS) solutions. With state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions tailored to meet the different vehicle segments, we try to cater to the expectations of majority of OEMs in the auto world.

RBEI was chosen to develop the engine management system of the premium segment SUV vehicles of two popular brands in India. Both the SUVs were launched successfully in 2019.

Our primary focus was to merge a 2.0L engine into the respective vehicle architecture of two different OEMs. Keeping sustainability and environmental friendliness in mind, an engine control module was created to meet the BS4 emission legislation norms and other exhaust requirements.

The successful launch and overwhelming customer response made us a preferred partner for both the OEMs, and we have now successfully initiated work on the new BS6 models.

How we did it?

RBEI was responsible for complete engine management system including software and hardware solutions. The project involved multi-stakeholder interactions and and along with engineering we had to focus on bringing a holistic approach towards creating a solution.

RBEI was actively involved starting from acquisition phase of the projects to ensuring functional safety.

Bosch Engine Management System

We took care of the complete SW and HW project lifecycle management including planning, execution and monitoring development activities to meet various vehicle build milestones of customers, namely:

  • Mule phases,
  • Pre-vehicle production phases,
  • Production readiness phase,
  • Launch and Series production phase-SOP

We were also completely involved in the coordination and support for customer fleet activities, validations (summer / winter / altitude test), tool & trial (EWAK) and pilot production. Overall, with our holistic approach, we could shoulder the responsibility of a successful launch along with the OEMs.


As the world changes and the auto industry evolves, vehicles will be required to boast of innovative designs that comply with Government norms for sustainability. We work with an aim to improve the world we live in and with Bosch EMS, we are trying to do our bit.

Author: R K Shenoy, Member of Executive Management board, Mobility Solutions, Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited