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Webinar Creating Unified Digital Enterprise through IoT

Webinar: Creating Unified Digital Enterprise through IoT

IoT is no longer new. Nevertheless, today organizations are struggling with how to make use of the IoT data in a meaningful way. Product organizations are physically connected but digitally divided as they are living with information silos and lacks ‘single source of truth. They are finding it difficult to correlate the IoT data with original product definition such as Manufacturing Bill of Material (mBoM) and Engineering Bill of Material (eBoM). Due to data silos, organizations are unable to arrive at new business models and make additional revenue streams.

It is vital to digitally connect the PLM (data) with IoT (data). A connected PLM & IoT makes it a powerful unified platform for a digital enterprise. Through this product organizations can not only achieve the concepts of ‘servitization’ but leverage the unified digital thread to achieve ‘strategic’ objectives of product improvements.


March 3, 2020
9:00am – 9:45am CET

Join the webinar to learn:

  • How PLM and IoT make a powerful combination by creating a ‘digital thread’ and makes it as a single source of truth
  • Correlating product instance (IoT) data with Product Bill of Material (BoM)
  • Enabling the concept of ‘servitization’ with Product (Design) Data and Product Instance Data
  • Closing the lifecycle loop – how IoT data strategically helps in product improvement


  • Kandhasami Palaniappan

    Kandhasami Palaniappan

    Chief Expert, PLM Solutions Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions PVT LTD
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