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Enterprises are constantly striving to bring out innovations that can radically change the way we live. At the core of it, are applications having the capability of building a connected world. Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) systems act as the backbone for these disruptive innovations, offering the ability to seamlessly synchronise the flow of people, processes and information across the development lifecycle.

Bosch’s ALM solutions offer the ability to drastically transform the lifecycle of software development and help businesses stay competitive in this connected era.

Explore Bosch’s ALM offerings and transform the lifecycle of your software

ALM tool and transform the lifecycle of your software

Software is your key innovation driver

ALM tool and transform the lifecycle of your software

With the onset of complexities in the automotive industry and the eagerness to get the products immediately into the market, there is a constant demand for superior technology that conforms to stringent regulatory requirements. This has steered the coagulation of various platforms like mechanical, electrical and software. Collaboration between these various platforms need not be a challenge anymore – our ALM solution meets all these challenges effectually from governance to retirement.

Embedded Lifecycle Services

Embedded Lifecycle Services

Our Embedded Lifecycle Services offer a structured, consistent product development lifecycle for embedded hardware and software content in vehicles through a series of services.


ALM-PLM Alignment

Our ALM-PLM alignment solution provides a complete and robust platform for converging ALM and PLM, thus enabling shorter time-to-market.

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Bosch Integration Platform

Bosch Integration Platform

Bosch Integration Platform (BIP) is a promising integration solution with a focus on connecting engineering systems and data of an organisation's partners and vendors, through a secure and reliable platform. BIP aims to liberate organisations from overhead investments of software solutions, maintenance, investing in solution obsolescence, cost of skill maintenance and much more.

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Bosch has been at the forefront of technological advancements, offering a strong understanding of new technologies. We have over 10 years of experience in customising ALM and PLM solutions for the engineering industry. We have managed over 30000 users for diverse ALM and PLM solutions and handled over 8000 support requests on-time, in one year.

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