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Information is wealth and having real-time business information in hand is your gateway to success. With our Business Intelligence(BI) solutions, organisations no longer need to wait for IT to churn large complex reports periodically. Instead, they can have analysed, processed and relevant data in the format needed, whenever they want. Organisations are increasingly relying on BI solutions to maximise visibility and have extensive control of various business units to make informed, accurate and critical decisions.

Business Analytics (BA) is an essential and significant component of BI that includes strategy, people and processes, performance management and information management infrastructure. With increasing demands for analytics, we are making continuous investments to integrate analytics into all business processes, giving stakeholders a holistic view of the business, while tools and frameworks are continuously being developed for BI & BA service delivery models.

Our efficient and responsive BI environment is tailor-made for today's business needs. Our BI and BA solutions consist of a wide range of functionalities such as assessment, enhancement and optimisation of organisational performance and operations. They also provide critical business information to end-users about value chain constituencies.

Value Proposition

Extensive experience in understanding the growing need for business information enables Bosch to offer a gamut of BI solutions ranging from data integration, analytical reporting, to migration strategies. Our accredited experience in BI technologies makes databases like Oracle, tools like Qlikview and much more, easily accessible. We provide industry mapped templates, checklists and standards, thereby improving the return on information, with a flexible pricing model.

Wide spectrum of BI needs

Accredited experience in BI technologies

Custom applications in Oracle & Microsoft

Industry mapped CMMi Level 5 methodologies

Customer appreciated data governance methodologies

Oracle partner accreditation

Certified language experts

Flexible pricing models

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