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Nexeed Intralogistics Execution

Nexeed Intralogistics Execution

Connect the entire intralogistics value stream!

Nexeed Intralogistics Execution

Nexeed Intralogistics Execution provides transparency regarding the path of the material, starting with its removal from storage to the point of use in production in real-time. It also provides an application for optimizing the material flow as well as the workload for logistical assets. The system delivers data on the storage location of the material, the status of the vehicle fleet and transport paths and supports the logistics specialist in optimization. Behind this solution lies the vision of a digitized, smart material flow along the intralogistics value stream. Nexeed Intralogistics Execution consists of three partial solutions which can be used in combination or independently of each other. These partial solutions each offer different added value applications on the platform.

Possible applications

Transport Management

Transport Management

This solution supports the logistics specialists in dynamic planning for all in-house transportation runs. In the system, all vehicles are stored with their current loading status, position, route and capacity or maximum load. This information is used as a basis for incoming orders to select the right means of transportation for the goods. The system does this through an intelligent process: the nearest vehicle is not necessarily the best choice.

Fleet Analytics

Fleet Analytics

It is a common problem in logistics that little reliable data is available regarding the usage and efficiency of individual transport vehicles. The Fleet Analytics application of Nexeed Intralogistics Execution provides logistics specialists with information about the entire fleet. A unique feature of this application is the option to implement any vehicle regardless of its type and manufacturer.

Stock Management

Stock Management

The solution for the intelligent supermarket optimizes material storage facilities that are structured according to the supermarket principle. Individual small load carriers and/or lanes are technically updated for this purpose, including attaching RFID tags and digital kanban cards that are connected to the software.

Benefits at a glance


Interoperable IoT data hub

Interoperable IoT data hub with interface integration of intralogistics subsystems


Live overview

Live overview of all vehicle, route, transport and stock information

Optimized transport routes

Calculation of the optimum transport route and vehicles in real time


Efficient material flow

Efficiency and quality increase across the entire material flow


Complete transparency

Complete transparency of stock levels and storage location


Increase efficiency

30 % efficiency increase of a fleet in a Bosch plant

Our vision

Our vision comprises a digital, smart material flow throughout the entire intralogistics value stream. Interoperable modules deal with the three most prevalent issues for logistics specialists: digitizing the vehicle fleet, optimizing material storage and designing transport routes dynamically. They help the logistician in his daily work and facilitate long-term planning.

With Nexeed Intralogistics Execution, information about the entire fleet is available in real time: from material storage, to the exact position of vehicles and transport routes, through to the percentage of empty and loaded trips. This solution supports logistics specialists in the dynamic planning and execution of all in-house transport movements. The warehouse arrangements can be optimized using real-time inventory data from the intelligent supermarket.

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