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Nexeed Production Performance Manager

The Industry 4.0 software solution for systematic production improvement

Nexeed Production Performance Manager

The Nexeed Production Performance Manager is the Industry 4.0 software solution for systematic production improvement. The software helps quality and maintenance management staff in decision-making and makes their everyday work easier. They are supported by individual modules with functions that are specific to certain areas, such as predictive maintenance or real-time process monitoring.

The Nexeed Production Performance Manager harmonizes production data from various sources. The software can extract customized information from this data and apply production knowledge automatically. The processed information is directly made available to the user and for specific purposes. Consequently, response times can be shortened, faults can be prevented, tasks can be clearly assigned and newly acquired information can be constantly accessed.

A software solution with a full service package

The user is at the center of this software solution and the corresponding services. Depending on their requirements, customers can opt for an individual use case consultation. Starter kits support with the introduction to the new software. Bosch can also help with the installation and operation (hosting), if desired. After installation, our experts offer staff training to enable every employee to start working with the new system quickly and without hassle.

The Nexeed Production Performance Manager operates as a stand-alone solution. Thanks to its open interfaces, it can also be combined with other solutions, such as an MES extension. Customers benefit from the steadily growing ecosystem and the open Industry 4.0 standard Production Performance Management Protocol (PPMP), offering fast and easy machine connectivity.

Possible applications in detail

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Every Industry 4.0 initiative is based on a sound data foundation. Condition monitoring, meaning the permanent recording of machine states by measuring physical variables, forms the basis of the Nexeed Production Performance Manager. Production and machine data is collected and harmonized centrally and can be retrieved on any terminal. This makes it possible to both easily monitor and systematically optimize production.

Live process data analysis

Live process data analysis

Process and quality engineers want a transparent, faultfree and continuous process that ensures products of impeccable quality. The focus of their attention is therefore on the process and the product, whereas the machines themselves are of secondary importance. Deviations and rejects should be reduced to a minimum to make production as efficient as possible. To this end, the Process Quality Module can be used to monitor and document process data in real time. The achieved transparency helps to keep an eye on quality at all times and thus improve the costeffectiveness of production.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

For maintenance technicians, work used to start with the report of a machine failure. In today's connected factory, predictive maintenance makes sure that failures don't occur in the first place. With the Nexeed Production Performance Manager, the technician has a powerful and easy-to-use tool at his fingertips that he can use to detect and remedy possible machine downtimes at an early stage. For example, the system warns the maintenance technician if a motor is about to overheat or if parts of a system show signs of wear.

Industry 4.0 general-purpose tool

Industry 4.0 general-purpose tool

The factory of today must be controlled with a focus on the future. The task of the Industry 4.0 coordinator is to set the course for future challenges, for example by choosing open, versatile and upgradeable software. The Nexeed Production Performance Manager is an Industry 4.0 tool that can already be used universally within production today. With its open interfaces, a very high level of connectivity and its modular expandability, the software will continue to provide full flexibility in the future.

Overview of Nexeed Production Performance Manager advantages

For the systematic and sustainable optimization of production

Full transparency

Machine and process data available live at any time


Increased efficiency

Concentration on value-additive activities thanks to optimized digital processes

Reduced spending

Lower costs thanks to systematic production improvement

Effective Utilization via remote monitoring and predictive maintenance powered by Bosch

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