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Nexeed Track and Trace

Nexeed Track and Trace – Transparency throughout the Entire Supply Chain

The intelligent logistics 4.0 solution for the digitization of the material flow from the supplier to the customer’s incoming goods point

Nexeed Track and Trace digitizes the supply chain

Supply chains of manufacturing companies are very complex today. A great number of companies are involved in the processes with an even greater number of different IT systems. The results are nontransparent supply chains.

This can in turn result in material planners having no oversight over the current state of the goods to be supplied. Deviations, such as delays, frequently cannot be detected early enough, especially in the case of long supply chains. The consequences are increased efforts, and thus costs, for troubleshooting measures. In addition, container managers at production and logistics companies complain about excess inventories and load carrier bottlenecks at their facilities, as well as at the facilities of their suppliers and customers. Additional load carriers need to be purchased on a regular basis. The cause for the loss frequently cannot be identified.

With Nexeed Track and Trace, we are providing a solution.

A digital travel log in the cloud

A digital travel log in the cloud

These days frequent travelers can easily share information about their whereabouts. With Nexeed Track and Trace, we have developed a logistics solution that enables the freight to record a digital traval diary, sharing not only the individual stops, but also regularly sending its current location and status to the cloud. For instance, schedulers can view at any time where the packages are loaded and whether to expect them to arrive on time. In addition to the location, information about temperature, vibration and humidity is also transmitted. The logistician knows right away if conditions are not right for the packages. Nexeed Track and Trace provides seamless tracking of the transported goods, facilitating easier capacity and material requirements planning.

Nexeed Track and Trace in operation

Nexeed Track and Trace in operation

Nexeed Track and Trace makes it possible to depict complete transport processes: by using appropriate IoT (Internet of Things) devices, such as wireless sensors, RFID tags and gateways, information is recorded about each packaged unit, such as a pallet with goods, and the position as well as its status during transport are regularly tracked.

Material tracking

In Material Tracking, the individual package is equipped with an IoT device and linked to the shipping information during the pairings. The sensor then transmits information to the gateways over brief time intervals. Depending on customer requirements, the data relevant for product quality, such as temperature, humidity and vibration, can also be communicated.

The gateways used can be attached directly to the transport vehicle as well as at relevant points in the material flow, such as at the incoming goods or outgoing goods points or in the warehouse. Geographical coordinates are added to this information, which is transmitted by the gateway to the cloud as high-resolution events.

The relevant information is available to the user either in the standalone solution, which is web-based on terminal devices in near real time, or can be made available to company IT systems, such as ERP or transport management systems, through standard interfaces.

Asset Tracking

In the same way, Nexeed Track and Trace can also be used to monitor logistics assets: they are permanently equipped with sensors and can be located in near real time.

This transparency enables optimized planning, a higher degree of utilization of the containers and new billing methods for rental. Furthermore, Nexeed Track and Trace helps to analyze and avoid bottlenecks and losses.

The advantages of Nexeed Track and Trace at a glance


Nexeed Track and Trace

  • IoT data available in near real-time (sensors, connectivity, cloud)
  • Hardware as Managed Service – no investment, sustainability and support
  • Plug & play implementation in the supply chain without the need for system integration
  • Expandable (material tracking, fine localization, AI-based service)
  • High scalability – from field test to complete rollout


Data Service for process optimizations

  • No booking efforts thanks to near real-time tracking events
  • Near real-time assets and shipments overview reduces search, inventory and material management efforts
  • Rapid reaction to incidents and deviations from the schedule based on alerts and condition monitoring
  • Increased productivity of the asset fleet
  • Analysis of loss over the entire supply chain
  • Optimization of planning and scheduling based on asset and shipment history and material flow data
  • Implementation of new billing models, e.g. for load carrier rental

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