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Technical Requirements

In order for our websites to display optimally on your computer and for you to be able to use all of their functions, please take into account the following technical requirements:


We recommend using the following browser versions: Internet Explorer 8.x or later, Mozilla Firefox 10.x or later, Google Chrome 18.0.x or later and Safari 5.x or later. When using older browser versions (such as Internet Explorer 6), website functions may be limited in some cases.

Flash® Player

Some Bosch websites contain animations that are implemented using Flash®. To be able to display the animations you will need Flash® Player Version 10 or later, which you can download here: www.adobe.com

Adobe® Reader

Some Bosch websites contain PDF documents. To be able to view these documents you will need Adobe® Reader, which you can download here: www.adobe.com


Some functions on the Bosch websites require a browser with JavaScript. We therefore recommend activating JavaScript in your browser.


Some functions on the Bosch websites require cookies to be enabled. We therefore recommend enabling cookies in your browser. For additional notes on the use of cookies, refer to the section Data Protection Notice of the Bosch Group.

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